Rhino Tracking in Letsatsing

This exciting and exclusive new activity from Mankwe Gametrackers allows you to get a glimpse into the life of a field guide, as you accompany them in monitoring and tracking white rhinos in their natural environment with the help of a telemetry device, initially from a vehicle and then by approaching them on foot.

As well as having the extremely rare and exhilarating opportunity of getting so up close and personal with these magnificent creatures, you’ll also learn more about their plight in South African game reserves and national parks, a cause that Mankwe Gametrackers is strongly committed to.

At the start of the activity, you will be picked up from the Sun City Welcome Centre (just a 20 minute drive or so from Pilanesberg) in an open safari vehicle and then it’s a short drive to the small, picturesque and privately-run Letsatsing Game Reserve.

On arrival at the reserve, you will be briefed comprehensively about the tracking activity, about the rhinos in the reserve, and about the plight of rhinos with regards to the scourge of poaching in South Africa.

Some of the rhinos in Letsatsing are fitted with a radio frequency identity tag, which allows the field guides to monitor, track and locate these rhinos with the help of a radio telemetry device.

When the signal from the telemetry device is strong enough, you will descend from the safari vehicle and approach the rhinos on foot, using both the telemetry device and the rhinos’ spoor to guide you to their precise location. Whilst tracking and observing the rhinos on foot, you’ll always be under the care and supervision of your experienced field guide.

Please note that this activity is not an animal “interaction” where you can touch the rhinos, bur rather an “encounter”. Though habituated to humans, these animals are wild and we want them to remain so.

Aside from guaranteeing a unique rhino encounter and providing a forum for conversation and education about the plight of rhinos, this new activity also helps to cover the costs of monitoring these rhinos and thereby helping to protect them from poaching.

In addition, a percentage of the money you spend on the activity will go to the Pilanesberg Wildlife Trust to be used for anti-poaching expenditure within Pilanesberg National Park.

Take part in this special, important and interactive activity now.

Rate valid until 30 November 2017

  • R650 per person
  • The total activity time is approximately 2.5 hours
  • Departures twice daily: morning and afternoon
  • No children under the age of 16 are allowed to participate
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