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5 Lesser-known Pilanesberg Facts

There is nothing more captivating than the African bush and its iconic wildlife. Just when you think you're a boffin on the bush, you'll be amazed by some of the lesser known facts you'll learn whilst on safari. One of the greatest safari destinations in South Africa is undoubtedly the Pilanesberg National Park in North West [...]

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4 reasons to visit Pilanesberg this winter

Courtesy of Jolandie Botha Winter is upon us here in South Africa. While many see the winter months as a time to go into hibernation, it’s a spectacular time of year to visit Pilanesberg National Park. Here’s why: […]

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5 Reasons to Visit North West Province Now

Courtesy of Oscar Burman Beyond the glitz and gaudiness of Sun City, South Africa’s North West Province hardly has an established reputation as a tourism hotspot.  Ask the spoilt folks down here in Cape Town what happens in North West and they’re probably more likely to tell you about dodgy tenders than tourist [...]

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4 Reasons to Visit Pilanesberg in Summer

There is a general consensus in South Africa (and this also applies to many other parts of Africa) that the dry, cooler winter months are better for big game viewing and, therefore, for safaris in general. However, summer has its advantages too, and should not be overlooked. […]

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Responsible game driving in Pilanesberg

I’d wager that almost anyone that’s been to popular national parks and game reserves that are open to self-drivers, such as Pilanesberg and Kruger, will have at least one horror story about bad behaviour of other visitors in these parks. […]

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